Jungle wildlife, mountain trekking, Kota Kinabalu,
magnificent caves & idyllic beaches

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Track orangutans, pygmy elephants,
proboscis monkeys & more

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Climb Southeast Asia's highest peak

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Borneo Tours & Holidays

Borneo holidays offers rich rainforest and jungle filled with a variety of unique and fascinating wildife. Glimpse wild orang utans swinging through the jungle canopy, spot pygmy elephants playing in the river, wonder at the crazy face of the probiscus monkey. Float along lazy rivers past stunning caves, hide-out in rainforest lodges and wait for the wildlife to come to you, or head off the beaten track deep into jungle to track clouded leopards and Sumatran rhinos. And once you've had your adventure, treat yourself to a luxury stay on one of Borneo's idyllic beaches. Use us as sounding board to create the perfect private tour or wildlife & beach holiday. Call us on 01273 923100 to start planning your Borneo Holiday today.