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Ancient history, dazzling beaches, elephant rides, colourful
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Our Philosophy

Sundowner is about moments. Those moments that immerse you wholly into your surroundings and together make up the most wonderful, memorable holiday. To enhance these moments, we focus on owner-run and independent hotels. Hotels where individuals matter. The owners love what they do, love where they are and they want you to love it too. We believe that people like this make holidays extra special.

Sundowner was set-up by Jo Shuttleworth and James O’Farrell.

“Having been lucky enough to travel far and wide to over 60 different countries for fun and ‘work’, we spent some time thinking about what made our holidays memorable. Often, we would remember specific moments of our holidays where we felt immersed in our surroundings or overawed by a new experience, sight or sound. It was these moments that made our holidays special. But not just these alone. It was also the people that we met. We therefore decided to launch Sundowner to create holidays that focus on creating moments as well as meeting wonderful people.”
Moments can be added into itineraries, a cycling safari in the South Luangwa or walking with lions at Vic Falls. But our holidays are also about giving our clients the right surroundings and people to find their own perfect moments. We will ask you about your favourite holidays and interests before we start designing your Sundowner holiday. Armed with this information, we use our knowledge of different areas, hotels and experiences to pull together something unique to you.

We cannot plan on the people that you meet on your holiday but we can try to ensure that your driver has a warm smile, your guide captures your imagination and the manager of your hotel goes the extra mile. We have fantastic people on the ground. People who we have known for years. We know they make our holidays. And we believe that by focusing on owner-run and independent hotels, our clients will be looked after. Find out more about why we love owner-run hotels.

In designing holidays, our goal is to use our expertise to emphasise value – knowing where you will get your money’s worth and showing that ‘tailor-made’ doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, it simply means every detail of your trip has been designed with you in mind. Take a look at our Price Promise.
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Our Directors

Jo was on the board of Scott Dunn as well as the Managing Director of Imagine Travel (previously Imagine Africa) and has spent over 20 years travelling or working in the travel industry. She cut her teeth in Asia, went it alone for a year in Latin America, led overland trips in Africa and has back-packed around India, Australia & New Zealand, amongst others. She believes that the way to create wonderful holidays is all in the knowledge and detail.

James was the Product Director of Imagine Travel (previously Imagine Africa) and has also has spent over 20 years travelling or working in the travel industry. From working in South Africa, to reaching the limit of his visa in India, from back-packing Asia to travelling overland from the UK to Cape Town, James likes to get into the depth of a country and then some! He believes that a perfect holiday is designed by people with passion, who truly know their destinations.

We work in travel because we love what we do!