Explore the rainforest & head to the beach

Be inspired by our honeymoon ideas.


Take in the scenery at your own pace.

Ask us to design a honeymoon tailored to you.


Private beach dinners, sundowners overlooking
Isalo, kayaking through tranquil mangroves,
private verandahs in the rainforest ...

We design honeymoons filled with moments.

Madagascar Honeymoon Ideas

All our honeymoons are uniquely designed for each of our clients. We know Madagascar inside out and can work with you to design a honeymoon that not only visits places that are suited to you but also an itinerary that is logistically efficient! With the following Madagascar honeymoon ideas we try and give you a feel for what is and what isn't possible to achieve in a certain amount of time. These ideas are merely suggestions and we can tweak and tailor-make everything to exactly what you want to do on your honeymoon. Call us on 01273 923100 to start planning your personally tailored Madagascar honeymoon today.